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I have been seeing a new doctor in Chesterfield since March. Over the winter, I suddenly gained 15 pounds. I knew my diet wasn’t the problem, but I wasn’t sure what the problem actually was — my internist wasn’t sure either.

I found out about  my newest doctor through word of mouth. He had helped a fellow EDSer with sudden weight gain. Her situation sounded very similar to mine. I decided to make an appointment.

I am being treated for a number of health issues that he diagnosed via blood and urine tests. Apparently, the weight I had gained was fluid. The treatment I am receiving has enabled me to lose the fluid — apparently I have been retaining fluid for years, it has only recently gotten worse — and gain muscle over the past seven weeks. My doctor is happy with the progress I have made thus far, and so am I. I will continue to improve as the weeks pass. All the fluid I have gained recently and the fluid I have been carrying around for years will be gone — hopefully by the end of June.

The biggest relief for me is that my heart has improved. The fluid retention made my clicking heart valve even louder. As the fluid has left my body, the click has gotten quieter. đŸ™‚ More details to follow at a later date…

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2 Responses to “Making Progress”

  1. avatarachelois
    6:51 pm on May 10th, 2011

    Thank you for posting this information it is really really helpful. A first cousin of mine recently also diagnosed in her mid forties was told by the only EDS Professor in the UK that EDSers have frequent weight fluctuations but was not told why. Just to have one reason explained is a bonus. So thank you for taking the time to post about it.

  2. avataraira
    2:08 am on October 6th, 2011

    I never heard of that kind of illness. Good thing I found your blog!.. I find it really helpful. Thanks for posting and I hope you’re very well now.

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