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September 9th, 2009 Posted 8:24 pm

Much has happened since I last updated this. I went to Cincinnati to see an EDS specialist; I have a cardiologist; I started aquatic therapy; I have a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking; I made two pies; Danny mowed the yard at least once; we visited our families twice; I ordered a couple pairs of shoes from; and we’re awaiting a new dining room table from Pottery Barn.

I think I am most excited about the new table. It will be so nice to have enough room to seat more than four people. I am certain that Martha would be pleased as well. 🙂

Next to the table, starting aquatic therapy is relatively high on the list of exciting things since my last post.  I find it exciting because it’s  an opportunity to get stronger, and relieve some pain in the process.  Unfortunately, it’s going to take a fair amount of time before I feel some pain relief. While I’m excited about it on one hand, it’s hard for me to stay motivated on the other.  This is unusual for me. Typically I’m highly motivated, even when the task doesn’t directly benefit me.

In this particular case, the task — therapy — seems to be having a negative effect. I realize this is likely temporary, but the pain in my back has increased to a level I’d call severe.  I just want it to go away, as it is stressful and exhausting. Regardless of the pain it causes and/or my level of motivation, I will stick with it. I can’t be sure of its effectiveness otherwise. Wish me luck. 🙂