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E Day

Today I had an upper endoscopy. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you already know that I have stomach problems.  I’m nauseous most of the time. I vomit off an on, for hours at a time, and my stomach hurts more often than not. My gastroenterologist decided to do another endoscopy. The last one I had was three years ago.

Today’s endoscopy yielded similar results.  My sliding hernia is still there, and my lower esophageal sphincter was still too floppy. The only thing different was the color of my stomach lining. This time it was red. My doctor took several biopsies of my stomach. He did that last time too. This time he biopsied my small intestine as well. The results of that stuff will come back in a few weeks. He expects everything to be fine. I seen him again on the 30th to discuss what to do next. He thinks the problem could be neurological, but said he might recommend another pH test — one that would tell him if I’m having reflux that’s not coming from my stomach (bile reflux). I see my internist on the 23rd to discuss my stomach as well. I suppose I’ll have more news at a later date.  For now, my stomach is unhappy about accepting food and I’m fairly nauesous, but otherwise okay.

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  1. avatarMelva
    1:52 pm on March 10th, 2009

    My husband had a “red” esophagus. It is called Barretts. His turned into cancer. Our local Dr missed it. Please see another Dr in a larger area. You need to be scoped every 6 months. We have been through hell and I would love to save/help just one other person. I am on the EDS support site and will be glad to answer any questions.

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