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Doctors: Just get a new one

People frequently tell me that they hate going to the doctor. Some of them don’t like the inconvenience, some just don’t like their doctor for whatever reason, and others associate going to the doctor with a bad experience. I can understand the first and the third reason, but not the second one. If you don’t like your doctor, why not ask around for referrals so you can try a different one?

If you weren’t happy with the work a mechanic did on your car, would you go back to that mechanic every time your car broke down? My guess is that you wouldn’t. The first time you encountered a problem, you’d probably voice your concerns, and the mechanic would make the situation right.  If you went back a second or third time and had similar problems, you’d still voice your concerns to correct the situation. Would you give him/her a forth, fifth, or sixth chance?  I doubt it.

When it comes to providing a service, is a doctor any different than a mechanic? Not really. Like a mechanic, the doctor is working for you. If you aren’t happy with their work,  speak up. Give the doctor a couple chances to address your concerns.  If you still aren’t happy with the results,  it’s probably time to move on.

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