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Suggestions: They’re a Good Thing

When people hear about my various ailments, often they try to help by offering suggestions that have worked for a similar problem they’ve had or someone they know has had. I think Martha Stewart would agree with me when I say that suggestions are “a good thing. ” (Yay! I’ve mentioned Martha on here twice now.)

I welcome suggestions — to me they show that people care — and I also see them as an opportunity to educate people about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).  I do my best to explain EDS in a concise, easy to understand way. I like to teach, and I like to think that I’m good at it, but sometimes I wonder. It seems as though people just don’t get that their simple suggestions won’t alleviate a complex problem, even after I explain why their suggestions won’t work.

Just because going to the chiropractor fixed Aunt Ida’s subluxed ribs, it doesn’t mean it will help mine. If I went to a chiropractor every time I had a subluxed or dislocated joint — actually I wouldn’t go to a chiropractor  — I’d be there every day, several times a day. I might as well set up a cot in the waiting area so I could be there as each event occurs. Maybe if I did that, I could get a deal on the “natural remedies” and the other miscellaneous,  non-FDA approved stuff  they sell.

On the same note — not chiropractors, I’m talking about suggestions again — I love hearing about how Uncle Herbert once used St. Ives Collagen Elastin to soften his 60 year-old skin. Just because the product has “collagen” in the name and my collagen is fragile (and I often feel 60 years old), it doesn’t mean that using a product made of collagen will make my skin less fragile.

Like I said before, I get that people are trying to help. It’s only natural to want to help someone solve a problem  — it’s human.  If something worked for you or someone you know, it feels good to share it. Maybe someday someone will suggest something that isn’t contraindicated with my condition — chiropractors — or something that might actually work.  Until that time, I’ll leave the suggestions up to my doctors and I’ll continue my attempts at educating  people about EDS.

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