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No PET Scan; Prolactin High

I noticed a few weeks ago that I was retaining a fair amount of fluid. When I weighed myself, I learned that I had gained over 15 pounds. Given that my pain and fatigue have been worse lately, it made sense that my prolactin was high.

When I saw my internist on Thursday, he took one look at me — I am clearly retaining fluid in my face — and commented that my prolactin had to be high. He ordered some labs, which I will get drawn in a couple days, and told me that it will take 5-10 days to correct my prolactin once we get my labs back and my medication is tweaked. Given that prolactin blocks pretty much everything, my thyroid, among other things, is likely out of wack. He also told me to put off the PET scan until we get my prolactin level back to normal because the high prolactin may interfere with the scan, making it appear as though I have health problems that I actually don’t have.

Hopefully I can get the labs drawn on Monday and get my medication increased by the end of the week. I look forward to feeling better.

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2 Responses to “No PET Scan; Prolactin High”

  1. avatarRachael
    1:59 pm on December 1st, 2014

    I hope you are doing ok. I was trying to contact you, because my two boys and I all have EDS (who-hoo) I just found this blog while searching cymbalta and EDS. Anyway in a previous post you had said you went to a specialist in Cincinnati. I live five minutes from there and was just wondering who he was. I also have a lot of questions and maybe some answers for you as I have been diagnosed with other things before EDS Most in the autoimmune category. Anyway,let me know if this isn’t too weird.

  2. avatarbeth
    5:33 pm on December 8th, 2015

    Feel free to contact me at 🙂

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